Made with care, passion, precision

  • Stickers album: it’s our profession.
  • Our products are made with passion and with the highest quality papermaking.
  • The mixture of the stickers in the packets it is calibrated to avoid duplication, but if you want we can customize it.
  • Every realization is verified before printing and delivery.

    Our supports, from the application, to the paper, to the inks and to the adhesive printing are tested, certified and continuously updated and implemented to guarantee the highest product quality.


    Stickers albums are unique, created by you with the help of the experience and technology of which makes available to create personalized products in small series, with the same quality and effectiveness of the large editions normally found on newsstands.


    With us you can have a final price of your stickers album that is actually cheaper than any alternative and if you decide to sell the stickers, turn your album into a self-financing tool.


    When you have the stickers album in your hands, you have the certainty of having created a product capable of achieving decisive results for you and all the subjects portrayed. In fact, you have created an event capable of increasing the sense of belonging, transmitting gratitude, enhancing relationships and designing the photographic history of the moment.

Full Control

Our online application is developed internally in order to facilitate users in full control of what they buy. With us, no limits and above all no surprises!: receive what you see from the preview. No limits in content: you decide texts, photographs, graphics, etc.


The album covers are on 250 gsm paper, plasticized on the front.

The inside pages are on 130 gsm paper.

The stickers are on 120 gsm adhesive paper on the front, 85 gsm on the back.

The material for packets in flowpack is in polypropylene and if the customer needs to put the sachets in contact with food (snacks, fruit, etc.) by providing us with the product sheet, we use the suitable material with a document of suitability.


The closed format of the album is 21×30 cm and the stickers are 4,5 x 6,5 cm.