8 reasons why a stickers album is cooler than a photo book!

stickes album better than photo book

I would like to ask you: there is something more important than our memories?

The memory of every man is his private literature.
(Aldous Huxley)

Many consider our adventures and special moments as something to treasure because we fear we won’t be able to relive them again. This is partly true but this is precisely the main dish of memories, the trick we use to try again the thrill of the first time! Photo albums and photo books have been collected for years for this very reason but… in our opinion it is as if a little something is missing. That spark that has only a memory through a sticker!

We do not want to put it on the level of the challenge… but there are at least 8 reasons why a stickers album is cooler than a photo book.

Read to believe!

1 Here history is made

Okay, maybe the title is a little booming… but let’s not go too far from reality!

We often think of stickers as a gift from the 1900s, but you may be surprised that the adhesive stickers we love so much have a very ancient and, above all, noble origin!

That’s right, we have to go back a few centuries because the history of the stickers begins long before that of photography: a great reason to include it in this list and score the first point for our competition!

2 We all go back a bit like children

Stickers = our years when as children, mum and dad sent us to newsstands for those “2 packets but only two, please”!!

But if we let our customers talk, you would discover how timeless the stickers passion is even when we grow a little bit.

3 Playing has never been more important

Leafing through a photo album is exciting, very true.
But opening the individual packets, discovering our photographs that become adhesive stickers and, above all, pasting those moments of ours on the album is also incredibly fun!

In short: what does the possibility offer you to play and relive your best moments? 10 points to the stickers!

4 Together it’s more beautiful, no?

The stickers have it in their soul to live together for a moment. It happened when we swapped doubles or when we used them for challenges to the ultimate thrill!

So don’t be surprised if a customized stickers album will involve intense family reunions, consultations from collating friends, and gatherings with group attack-sessions..

Certain passions… are engaging!

5 When you open it it goes WOW

Perhaps it is the secret that we have most learned to discover thanks to those who have decided over the years to make an album with us.

The WOW effect is that law of physics whereby upon opening the gift package and adding the explosion of customized packets, the person’s scream will be directly proportional to the number of pages in his stickers album!

WOW it’s that feeling of amazement and disbelief that usually translates into a “but why didn’t we do it before!”

wow effects for stickers album

6 It looks good on everything!

If I tell you stickers, you think of a football team album. And in fact we too make lots of albums for sport to help you tell the emotions that hide behind a reversal at the 90th.

But not only! You won’t believe it if we put ourselves here to tell you how many themes it is possible to make one. Just a bit of imagination, a few photos and every occasion is good to create your own stickers album!

7 Bring out the creative in you

Over the years we have seen albums that were real works of art, so we are starting to understand how a stickers manages to let us express the most creative side of us.

And by researching a bit, we discovered some Instagram pages that take the stickers to the next level!

The club pro stickers is well fed, you don’t think so?

8 And then … the truth!

True, we are a bit biased but we believe that you will agree with us too: everyone loves stickers, true?

This last reason alone would be enough, but together with the other 7 we hope it will convince you to make a fantastic album for the first time and find out what it means!

Read on to find out how.

What are the next steps?

Are you ready to collect your memories and tell them in an original way? It’s that easy: make a stickers album yourself using our ready-made templates and our super powerful yet super easy pager.

Ready to scream WOW to your treasured memories?

wow effects for stickers album