The year ends and becomes history in the yearbook


The story of who did something together

School or sports yearbook from € 7,70


The yearbooks are the fully printed version of the sticker albums, but with more graphic solutions. They can be bound in staples or paperbacks.

Very used in schools, yearbooks are increasingly appreciated in the sports field, as well as a tool for enhancing the group, they are also used as a gift for sponsors and local authorities.

We make school or sports yearbooks even with layouts and pdfs provided by the client at very competitive prices.
You can send any request for customization and printing from the page contacts.

Making the yearbook is really easy and fun!

  • choose the graphics you prefer
  • give the title to your yearbook
  • upload your photos … they become history

“Highly recommended. We did it for my son’s soccer team, a wonderful memory. Excellent quality and very easy to insert photos and create the yearbooks. Fast shipping, we are very satisfied.”

Marco – Firenze

“Intuitive and well functioning the online application, the assistance service available, courteous and quick in response. The product is perfectly corresponding to what is made online and delivered within the times indicated by the site. Highly recommended for any event and any age!”

Valentina – Viterbo