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8 tips to take perfect photographs with your smartphone (and maybe turn them into a sticker)

Smartphone for photography: how to take beautiful photos

One thing is certain: if a few years ago we were told that we would all love our smartphone for photography, perhaps we would not have believed it.

But today it is like this: the best camera is our mobile phone, always ready in the pocket to capture the most beautiful moments and emotions we live. We know this well, because like all of us, every day we shoot and shoot and shoot again simply using the mobile phone.

Especially here in we see it when many of the stickers albums we make are born from the photographs that our customers take simply using the phone. It works? Oh yes… the result is fantastic!

Of course, the advances in technology and the increasingly powerful cameras in smartphones do a great job, but sometimes small tricks are enough to create incredible photos to keep and reuse as we see fit.

This is why we have decided to write this guide and offer you some small but practical suggestions if you are wondering how to take beautiful photos even with your phone alone!

Smile and do … cheese!

1 Pay attention to the light

Photography and light go hand in hand, it is a good rule to make sure to photograph in the best light conditions to avoid unpleasant surprises.

And if we choose a smartphone as a faithful companion to photograph this rule becomes even more important. Indeed:

  • if we can adjust the exposure with our model, let’s do it without a doubt!
  • surely the evening or the low light conditions are not optimal when photographing from mobile phones, but I think you will have already realized this.

In summary… light up your most beautiful moments properly. So it will never happen that you will have to regret it after looking at them!

2 Don’t trust the latest advertisement on the incredible zoom!

Without getting into too many technicalities we make it short: the zoom of a cell phone is not like what a reflex or other device would mount.

Being fixed, the only effect we will obtain by zooming our image will be to enlarge it at the expense of quality. And it would be a shame to get a grainy end result.

⭐️ SHHH, AN EASY SOLUTION: get closer to your subject as much as possible!

photo selfie

3 Pay attention to the subject and the composition

Those who are already familiar with photography are about to receive fantastic news: the basic principles that help take perfect photos apply to smartphones in the same way as a reflex camera!

So pay attention to the composition of the scene, to what we want to show in photography and we always keep in mind the fundamental rules such as that of two thirds.

⭐️ A VERY USEFUL TIP: almost all phone models offer the option to activate a photo grid. Using it will make your life easier!

4 The horizon… is a straight line

Easy to say but too often it is one of the elements that disturbs when we look at a beautiful photo: the horizon must be straight.

As well as trees or other landmarks. Also in this case, the camera grid will once again help us and, you will see, this little trick is really enough to take a good photograph.

smartphone grid photo

5 Take more than one photograph

A smartphone is not and will never be a reflex camera, especially when it comes to shutter speed.

But we can always take more than one shot for each scene and select the result we liked the most! So sometimes… we might be surprised at how many random details we will be able to capture.

6 Take advantage of creative perspectives and shots

The question of how to take beautiful photos should also be answered by thinking about the ideas we have in mind to create original photos.

It is not only the subject that is important, but often playing with the shots and exploiting the most original ones is a great way to tell the same scene in a completely different way.

WOW TIP: a phone is incredibly handier than a camera, have you ever tried to take pictures from below or from above?

Smartphone photo

7 Experiment with photo editing

We could roughly compile this list:

  1. read this article with tips on how not to take photos wrong even on the phone;
  2. take some pictures right away;
  3. select the ones you like best;
  4. switch to editing!

We use the power of some simple applications to apply filters and modify the parameters of the photographs to achieve the result that suits us best.

And when we talk about smartphones it is even easier because the stores of our operating systems are literally full of excellent applications!

8 Don’t lose your memories… use the cloud

Can you imagine the sorrow of losing your 18th birthday photos or those selfies from your Rome vacation two years ago??

There is a practical solution and that is to save all your photos on the cloud! Cloud services are now very many, inexpensive and perfectly integrated with most models and operating systems.

And then? You can turn these photos into a stickers album!!

Are you also in the club of those who hit clicks every day hundreds of times? Then we hope that these tips will help you to create ever more beautiful and original memories to keep and… maybe turn into a stickers album to give as gifts or to browse at home.

After all, that’s exactly what we do here: we magically transform your photos into sticky stickers and 24-tooth smiles!