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How to take a perfect selfie… and make a great “sticker”!

How to take perfect selfies

Let’s look into the camera. We smile and… click! Today on our blog we are talking about a topic that will come in handy for those who love taking photographs: how to take perfect selfies?

Let’s face it: we’ve all shot at least one. It is no coincidence that they are among the most popular content on social networks and the hashtag #selfie goes crazy on Instagram. And then the fashion to imprint in the memory (this time digital) something we have done is part of our daily life. So easy… it’s within reach of your pocket and finger.

No more worries: how to look good in selfies even if you never succeed? Just a few small tricks.

We need a good camera

It would be a shame to put a lot of effort into it, create a set with the perfect light, settle down and then … throw everything in the smartphone bin because the camera that mounts is terrifying.

With the latest models we can breathe a sigh of relief, the battle between the models is fought right here, between megapixels and increasingly powerful features to find selfies made well.

Ok, this isn’t really advice, rather a basic requirement!

Point of View: let’s start from ABC

Rule number one for a nice selfie: pay attention to the shot.

It may seem obvious to you but it is not. The angle in these cases is what makes the difference between a photo to be discarded and the next profile image. Selfies follow their own rules, although it is always useful to keep in mind the basic instructions to get a photograph done properly. So we need good light, acceptable front camera quality and a good angle.

We extend our arm and keep it straight just just above the level of the face. In this way we should avoid strange distortions!

PRO TIP: experiment and look for the angle that enhances you the most, in short, focus on your talent!

Season with a pinch of originality

We are not talking about particularly bizarre poses, but there is always a way to take an original selfie by playing with colors, shots, context and our face.

In one word: we must be clear about what we want to enhance!

Hey, look in the camera!

We can confide it. At least 90% of us make this little mistake. So let’s simply make sure we look carefully towards the goal and we could be amazed by the net improvement in the final result.

AS THE EXPERTS DO: they use the rear camera which is also the most powerful! Of course, it takes some practice. And it is also the correct answer for those who have a very old model of phone and are wondering how to take selfies without an internal camera?

The background is always part of photography

The background is also part of our creative idea and is perfect for helping us to better tell ourselves and convey a particular mood. But…

Never frame what is not to be seen!

We pay close attention to what appears behind our face. Especially if we are lovers of selfies taken in front of the mirror!

It is finally time to smile

On this we can not really compromise.

On a selfie either you smile or you… smile! Easy, right? It is so good to convey the sense of good humor and believe us that we are experts on this, it pleases everyone to appear in a pose that exudes joy in the best memories of our life.

After all, the albums we make are more or less this: a concentrate of adhesive happiness!

And then it is useless to deny that this is the secret ingredient for the success of a self-timer. So… ready? Smile!

Don’t forget about editing

And now that we have our beautiful and original selfies?

There is only one step left to find an artistic and, above all, perfect photograph in our hands: a little post-production!

Nothing complicated, eh, nor that it takes hours and hours away from you. Sometimes small color balances work wonders and you will have transformed a good selfie into a photograph where everything tells a great story and you will be able to focus on the right elements!

App, app everywhere!

To make small changes, but not only! As we have been saying for years, there is an app for everything!

When we talk about photography, then, the shopping list is interesting among the applications to take pictures, those to edit them, other specific for small actions such as modifying the imperfections of the face or those particularly creative that allow original and artistic selfies.

It is appropriate to say: whoever ha(pp)s more put it!

All to prepare us to create an author’s self-portrait!

We share them on WhatsApp, other times we have published them on social networks or we enjoy sending them to our friends when we are on vacation to unleash their envy.

But do you know an amazing way that your friends for sure haven’t tried yet? We do: your selfie that turns into a sticker.

It’s easy and completely free, just click here. See it as our gift to let you discover the magical side of photographs!!