The author of the publication (registered user) is solely responsible for the images and text he/she uses and must own full rights or be entitled to use them. Uploading a text, a graphics file or an image file, implicitly confirms that you have the ownership or that you have been granted the authorisation to use them from the rightful owner, holding Mye srl harmless from any liability.


The system does it automatically. When ordering, state the number of packets needed to complete the albums ordered with the trading activity.

The stickers are shuffled randomly, if you need to be divided into complete collections, simply send an email, service is free.

Some of our customers ask for a percentage of duplicates in the order of 10%, in these cases it is good to contact us by email or phone immediately after making an order and ask us about these supplements.

Yes, the prices of publications obtained from Mye platform publications are published in all effects by Mye Srl and include the publishing of the 4% VAT. Pursuant to the law on publishing a reduction in VAT can only be applied if publishing references and the retail price appear on the cover. If the author does not wish to print the price, he/she can notify us and we will work on your order as a normal printing centre, thus applying a VAT rate of 22%. For orders outside Italy, VAT does not apply.

Normally processing of the order begins within 4 hours of receipt of payment and the order is processed within 7/9 working days. Processed means the delivery of the order to an international courier. Delivery is scheduled within 3-5 days.

The book created remains in the reserved area even after making the order. Only the author may delete it or order a duplicate.

Yes, it is possible to re-order at any time, provided that you have not deleted your project from the system.
Leaving the project on the platform has no cost to the user and the system prompts you before deleting a project with no activity in over 12 months.

Were the FAQs unable to adequately answer your questions?

Perhaps your inquiry concerns certain layout issues.

How to upload images, draw the border, choose the layout.

Keep only the results in mind, the platform will adapt to you and if you have no patience follow some short cuts.

Choose the background, multiple figurines, see the preview.

The project grows with every choice you make, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised of the quality you’ve been able to build.

Is it normal for images which become stickers to take a few minutes to upload?

Yes, it’s normal as we do not know what you wish to do with the image you are uploading and we prefer to give you all the available options. You may decide to have a single or multiple sticker (made up by 24 stickers) and cropping the image size before making your choice would therefore not be a good idea.

However, if you’re in a hurry, here is a short cut: crop the size only if you are sure you desire a single sticker, down to the 4,5 x 6,5 cm format (if using Photoshop or similar: 531 x 768 pixels at 300 dpi).

How to design the border/sticker?

From the sticker dashboard (icon with 4 coloured rectangles in the upper left) check the graphic item for each level and choose preview. Once you have defined your style, apply it to all the album stickers, you can always make changes at any time on every single sticker, applying various effects and styles.

Short cut: if you do not wish to have any text captions, in addition to deleting the file name, remove the “text captions background“.

How do I change a page’s layout?

On the album side, you’ll find the icon with the scroll arrow, under it (a grey circle with 4 white rectangles) the icon to select and change the page layout. Grey rectangles represent the spaces for text, green ones are sticker spaces and blue ones are image spaces.

Short cut: if you would like to repeat the same colour on more pages Copy the 6 character code.

How do I choose a background?

Yes, by clicking on any point of the background, you open the control window, select “drop” and choose the color you desire.

Short cut: if you would like to repeat the same colour on more pages Copy the 6 character code.

How do I choose a background?

There are hundreds of backgrounds available on the platform, classified by topics. In the backgrounds section (icon under each page) open the “Love”, “Children”, “Generic”, “Modern”, “School” and “Sport” folders. Selecting the topic of interest displays dozens of backgrounds for each genre. Click on the background of interest to see it on the page. Warning: when choosing a topic, the first background refers to the left page and the second to the right.

Can I make a sticker team made up by 4 stickers?

Yes and having the photograph of the team as whole on more stickers is a highly recommended graphics choice. Among the platform layouts you will find many proposals with multiple stickers, alongside, above and below the title.

Can I can see the results before purchase?

Of course. To preview your project, click on the first icon on the top right, the pencil symbol becomes eye (the eye is when nothing can be changed, if you would like to change something click on the eye that becomes pencil) and browse through the pages.

A customer wrote:

I realised that by following my instinct, doubts and questions vanish.

Among the many compliments received, we are very proud of this review, it means that we have achieved an intuitive system. It was one of our main objectives. If you have questions or suggestions to improve our service, please email us. Thank you.