Don’t be sulky under the tree: choose photo-gifts for Christmas

Because among the many ideas for original Christmas gifts, a gift pack with photographs is always the sweetest emotion to unwrap!

photo gifts for christmas

Rule number one of Christmas: make our closeness felt to those we love so much.

And then let’s focus with all the strength we have: what is our mission? The watchwords are:

  • customization… because personalized Christmas gifts are the ones that matter;
  • originality… we only want unique thoughts in the world!
  • thousandthousand smiles;
  • memories to live again and again and, guess what, again!

We don’t ask for the moon. Let’s talk about transforming your photographs into magical stickers and BINGO: here are the Christmas photo gifts that will leave those who receive them speechless!

An album, dozens of stickers and a lot of creativity

We will certainly not be the ones to limit your desire for creativity.

What we mean is that our little superpower is to help you realize the magic of making people smile under the tree … but not only.

Once you have made the stickers, you may also decide to turn them into original ideas to personalize the greeting cards to send by post to your friends. Or become a place card for the dinner table, the simplest way to remind someone I love you, a board game for cold winter evenings, even a sticky photograph with which to personalize the paper in which we wrap the gift packages.

❤️ Well… we would love a world that sparks stickers with joy!

For example, in our secret sticker headquarters (no, come on… it’s not really a secret cave, it’s just a very cheerful office!) we thought of stickers as a valid alternative to Christmas balls. Who knows, maybe it might inspire you too for some Christmas photo gifts that the kids will love.

Christmas atmosphere in our own way

Not convinced? Here are the answers you may need!

Oh, mom. But I’ve never done anything like this … you have to be an expert?

We have often been asked this, along with many other doubts we know you may have. For example??

  1. Okay, but so this album is hard to make? No! It is almost more difficult to imagine than to create. You don’t have to have graphic skills but at the same time you are free to show off your talent. So if you want to use our ready-made templates, just follow the easy directions of our pager to transform the photos into stickers. If, on the other hand, you want to create your album from A to Z you have all the creative possibilities imaginable. EUREKA!
  2. What can I customize? Basically: every element. The bags, the back of the stickers, the backgrounds of the pages, the images and texts between one photo and another and, of course, the stickers. Choose as many as you want, modify them, enlarge them. If you are looking for a 100% personalized Christmas gift, it is the perfect choice.
  3. Can I use any type of photography? Of course, all your selfies too! The important thing is that it is a digital file. Of course, the advice we give you is to choose the most beautiful and exciting shots, the ones that came out better in short. Do you need some tips to take perfect photos? Believe us, you just need a smartphone and some little advice.
  4. But are they like the ones I find on newsstands? They are even better because they are only yours, a Christmas gadget to be envied even by the most Zen of your acquaintances.
    We only choose quality materials to guarantee a flawless and super-glue product! And obviously our albums are made with green materials because they love our environment so much.
  5. We are not sure if we do it with a Christmas theme! No problem. You could choose to start from a blank template and create your theme or choose from the dozens of templates we already have available.
    There are many and constantly updated!
  6. What if you want a tailor-made project? Or what if you need a few more stickers? Easy! We have been making albums for European sport associations, companies and municipalities for years. Our e-mail is always ready to welcome any request you may have. Write to!

The next steps?

It is still Christmas, so there is a strict procedure to be pursued.

Have you already written the letter to Santa Claus? The first step to receive the album at home is just that. Let’s not joke eh, we take the gift mission very seriously. Indeed, we leave the floor directly to Santa Claus who will give you tips to amaze under the tree by discarding smiles and emotions!

Ho Ho Ho!
I see you picked a fantastic Christmas present. All the magic begins on the page dedicated to the Christmas template, here you can already read all the information on the album and choose your starting template from two ready-made templates… or try to make your own.

You will dive into our easy pager that will help you create the album, guiding you in every step. So in a few minutes you will have created a gift that children, your friends, your partner, grandparents, parents… anyone will love.

Yes, because everyone loves stickers.

your photos become christmas stickers