Original birthday gifts? We give you 7 reasons to choose stickers!

original birthday gift

Every year it’s the same story and we end up wondering what to give for a birthday? Usually until the last day, we are teased as we walk through the aisles of the shops looking for an original idea, something new.

In short, we want the wow effect … but we don’t know where to find it!

So suddenly: eureka!
Why not a nice photo album, you know those photo books more or less all the same. Well, here too … you can do better. Much better.

Which would be this best? This undisputed champion among the original birthday gifts capable of winning the Olympics of uniqueness and sympathy? For us the answer is clear: a birthday sticker album!

Because if at some point we stop counting the candles … we will certainly never stop collecting epic moments!

For us, those moments mean memories.
Do you think of something more precious? We don’t, for at least 7 good reasons.

1 And who expects it?!

If we talk about the best original birthday gifts, here we have crossed the finish line as triumphs.

Let’s face it: how many people have you heard about having received a beautiful sticker album personalized with his photographs? Basically you give the thrill of having a leading role in your life. Just be prepared to say wishes, you are the star of the party!

2 When you open the packets the sound it makes is WOW

We are chatty when it comes to stickers, but we do not want to be here to list all the details so even the individual packets will be totally customizable.

Because the real highlight is the noise the sticker packs make when you open them. Seeing is believing!

3 It puts no limits on your creativity

This should be rule number 1 if what we want to give is something nice, original, unique.

Translated into sticker language? If you want to use our ready-made templates, you are one step away from pasting your photos. But our albums are 100% customizable. Texts, backgrounds, images, number of stickers and sizes, colors, captions, effects, even sticker frames. Not to mention their retro that you can modify and make yours.

Oh mom! Supercalifragilisticstickers!

4 Easy easy and 100% online

There are no magic formulas or weird software to install.

You can do everything online from your home without having to come and visit us at the office. Save a project and then change it, take a jogging break and take it back a few days later. It is the great power of our application, which is beautiful and has a good character.

We wanted it easy, after all we tell stories in stickers… we do not create puzzles!

5 Why should we stop feeling a little more like children?

It reminds me of when I used to go to the newsstand as a kid to buy packets, but now…

We have heard this sentence dozens of times if not hundreds.
The truth is that most of our customers have already passed their childhood for quite a while.

Because basically we all have the right to smile as hard as I can. Or not?

6 Photos, photos and again photos

We are so excited to tell you how it works that we have not mentioned the main reason why a sticker album is the best idea for a birthday party. THE PHOTOS!

Since there has been digital photography, and camera phones even more, we’ve gotten into the habit of taking hundreds of photographs a month. Very often without ever going to look at them but with the superpower of knowing how to pack the best moments ever in your pocket.

This album is like this: an embrace between the past and modernity. He takes our photographs and allows us to savor them for real giving even more value to what we have lived.

YOU ARE IN THE MOOD FOR ADVICE? We care that the stickers are not grainy, blurry and mistreated. Taking beautiful photos requires only a little attention, even if we take pictures from our smartphone!

7 The stickers don’t get caged

Mind you, where there is creativity there is also maximum freedom.

So if you decide that your stickers do not want to stick them on the album … who are we to set limits?

Rather. Stick them as hard as you can on notebooks, bulletin boards, laptop cases you take to college.

HEY PSSS: do you want a totally free digital stickers? You can receive it by email in just 2 minutes!!

And now what should I do to dive into this world of originality?

It is so easy that you can already start intoning the notes by singing happy birthday to you

All you have to do is visit the page of this album by clicking on the image below, choose the template you like best and go, start creating the cutest gift you can imagine.

Ready to scream WOW?

original birthday gift

Wait, do you like to have even more choice? After all, with us you can give away any type of album among our dozens of templates. The important thing is to give voice to our smiles, right?!