CREATE YOUR OWN Birthday Stickers Album

birthday stickers album

album + 70 stickers in 14 packets

only € 34,00 + shipping fees

Discount code: HAPPYBIRTHDAY

Give a gift to a friend with the birthday card album! Amaze the birthday boy with his pictures with friends.

Making the stickers album is really easy and fun!

  • choose the graphics you prefer
  • give the title to your album
  • upload your photos… become magically stickers

To get the discount, enter the code “HAPPYBIRTHDAY” in the order form.

“I created a stickers album for my wife’s birthday, with a series of souvenir photos, about 50 photos. The online album creation system is fantastic, allowing you to customize any aspect of the album. Precisely for this reason, unless you use one of the standard templates already provided, do not underestimate the time required to configure the album. Having entered my order a few days before my birthday, I was afraid that the album would not arrive in time. Customer service was kind and professional and reassured me of the delivery date, which occurred on schedule.”

Paolo – Milano


birthday stickers album

12 pages ALBUM
+ 70 STICKERS in 14 packets

1 copy € 34,00
+ shipping fees


ALBUM up to 120 pages
up to 1.300 STICKERS

Customize it as you like!
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