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Don’t be sulky under the tree: choose photo-gifts for Christmas

Because among the many ideas for original Christmas gifts, a gift pack with photographs is always the sweetest emotion to unwrap! Rule number one of Christmas: make our closeness felt to those we love so much. And then let’s focus with all the strength we have: what is our mission? The watchwords are: customization… because […]

How to take a perfect selfie… and make a great “sticker”!

Let’s look into the camera. We smile and… click! Today on our blog we are talking about a topic that will come in handy for those who love taking photographs: how to take perfect selfies? Let’s face it: we’ve all shot at least one. It is no coincidence that they are among the most popular content […]

8 reasons why a stickers album is cooler than a photo book!

I would like to ask you: there is something more important than our memories? The memory of every man is his private literature. (Aldous Huxley) Many consider our adventures and special moments as something to treasure because we fear we won’t be able to relive them again. This is partly true but this is precisely the […]